Compression Fractures

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Compression fractures are breaks in the spinal bones that may cause severe back pain and spinal deformities when left untreated. At Seaside Spine Specialists in Charleston and Ladson, South Carolina, board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Sabino DAgostino,  performs minimally invasive spinal surgery to treat compression fractures, easing pain and restoring spine structure. Call or schedule a consultation online to learn about treatment for compression fractures. 


Compression Fractures Q & A

What are compression fractures?

Compression fractures are tiny breaks in the vertebral bone, causing it to collapse and lose height. You can break a vertebral bone from a high-impact injury like a car crash. However, compression fractures most often occur in people with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that makes your bones porous, weak, and more susceptible to fractures. If you have osteoporosis, you can break a spinal bone by doing simple activities like walking down the stairs or picking up a bag off the floor.

When you break a spinal bone, you may have severe back pain. However, not everyone with a compression fracture has pain, or they may dismiss their pain as a normal age-related discomfort.

If you fail to treat your compression fracture, you may break more spinal bones, leading to a spinal deformity.

Dr. DAgostino is an experienced neurosurgeon at Seaside Spine Specialists who provides expert care for compression fractures, including minimally invasive spinal surgery and robotic spine surgery. 

When should I consider spinal surgery for compression fractures?

You should consider spinal surgery for compression fractures if you continue to have back pain after despite conservative medical care. Dr. DAgostino is well-versed in spinal surgery and spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and can determine the best treatments for you, including surgical and non-surgical therapies.

During your initial visit, he reviews your symptoms and medical history and evaluates your spine. He also gets images to confirm your compression fracture and determine the best course of treatment.

If you have a compression fracture from osteoporosis, an injury, or cancer treatment and don’t have bone fragments in the spinal canal, then he may recommend a minimally invasive balloon kyphoplasty.

What happens during surgery for compression fractures?

Dr. DAgostino customizes your compression fracture procedure based on the location of your fracture. Seaside Spine Specialists has an outpatient surgery center where Dr. DAgostino performs spinal procedures. 

For balloon kyphoplasty, Dr. DAgostino inserts a hollow needle into your broken bone using X-ray-guided imaging. He then inserts a surgical balloon into the open space and inflates it to restore bone height. He then injects bone glue to maintain structure. 

You need to take it easy for a few days following surgery for a compression fracture but should experience a significant improvement in pain almost immediately. 

For expert compression fracture care, call  Seaside Spine Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.